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  • Aviator______Cir_4c50a06e60115

    Aviator™ – Circle

    Aviator Hanging Circle is a trade show and event standard. The Circle is one of the most popular shapes and with good reason – it offers unparalleled 360 brand or message visibility.

  • Aviator______Pin_4c4f6288646c8

    Aviator™ – Pinwheel

    Aviator Hanging Pinwheel is a departure from ordinary! The pinwheel draws everyone’s attention with its curious curves, unique connection points and flowing movement.

  • Aviator______Rec_4c51ffd82ee99

    Aviator™ – Rectangle

    Aviator Hanging Four-sided Rectangle stretches your message, whether it’s the same message on each side or something different. Excellent for spaces that can benefit from two longer sides.

  • Aviator______Squ_4c50abf1e60df

    Aviator™ – Square

    Aviator Hanging Square provides the ideal visual billboard that reaches every corner of the event. The Square mimics the typical floor space creating a strong dominant presence.

  • Aviator______Tab_4ee685f875a3b

    Aviator™ – Table Tops

    The Aviator™ Table Top is a great solution with an upscale style. The black aluminum tube frame with push button assembly makes setting up quick and easy.

  • Aviator______Tap_4c50b27f41b40

    Aviator™ – Tapered Circle

    Aviator Hanging Tapered Circle combines all the high impact of the Circle with an angled surface for better visibility from closer locations on the show floor.

  • Aviator______Tap_4c50b49913ce4

    Aviator™ – Tapered Square

    Aviator Hanging Tapered Square combines all the qualities of the Square with an angled surface for better visibility from closer locations on the show floor.

  • Aviator______Tri_4c51fd5ccaf03

    Aviator™ – Triangle

    Aviator Hanging Triangle offers the visual balance of three equal sides. The sharp angles of the triangle contrast with the typical square floor space providing drama and visual appeal.