Outdoor & Event Products

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  • Ridgeline™

    The Ridgeline is an effective message or branding carrier and a super outdoor space definer that can be used to attract attention at any indoor and outdoor event.

  • SkyBlade™

    SkyBlade™ is a lightweight, portable flag stand perfect for outdoor events. The SkyBlade™ holds up in 40 mph wind with either the weighted base or ground stake.

  • Strider Packs

    Strider Packs™ are lightweight wearable outdoor banner units with built in literature holders! Strider Packs™ come in four distinct shapes with multiple graphic choices.

  • Valet 360™

    The Valet360™ is a printed fabric covering for the Valet™

  • Valet™

    Easy to move and set up anywhere, the Valet™ is perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Great for corporate environments, trade shows, expos, events and more.